Medical Alert Dog Academy

We Assist, Detect and Alert With Creativity, Persistance and Intelligence

Access To Service Corp

Access To Service Corp is a not for profit Arizona corporation created to educate the public about service dogs.

We are based in Tucson Arizona but have clients and trainers who use our educational system and training methodology worldwide.

Liability Release and Affirmations

By joining this Academy and practicing the games and exercises herein you are affirming that:

I am aware that there are inherent risks and hazards involved in activities with and around dogs, and I am voluntarily participating in these activities with knowledge of potential dangers. I am aware that any dog, regardless of training, handling, or environmental circumstance, is capable of biting and I expressly acknowledge the risks therein.

In order to participate in dog training classes or other activities, I, being fully informed of such risks and hazards, agree to assume all risks of such occurrences.

I hereby waive any and all claims or actions that I or my guardians or representatives may have, from any and all personal injury to myself, my dog, children in my charge, or harm to property or person caused directly or indirectly, through action or inaction of self or others, by acts that might occur in dog training classes, any other format of training activities or secondary training without trainer present or engaged.

I agree to indemnify Access To Service Corp and its employees and affiliates from any and all claims by myself, member of family, or any agent while within training facilities, within my home property, as a result of attempting to follow verbal or written instructions or in the general public as a result of any action or inaction, of either my dog or any another.

I also agree to assume sole responsibility for injury or damage caused by myself, children in my charge, or by the dog I own or handle and further agree to indemnify, defend and hold the instructors, trainers, assistants and property harmless from any damage, loss, liability or expense, including legal cost and attorney's fees, which result from damage caused by myself, children in my charge, or by the dog I own or handle.

I expressly understand this to mean that I am relinquishing and releasing my right to sue others in either negligence of for strict liability based on either another person's act or the actions of their animal.

I recognize that the role I play in my dog's learning process is integral to achieving desired results. I acknowledge and agree that there is no guarantee that my dog will achieve the desired level of training, despite the best efforts of the instructor or instructions. I understand that there are no refunds after payment has been made.

I hereby declare that I am of legal age and competent to sign this agreement and that if not, that my parent or legal guardian is in complete understanding and concurrence with this agreement.

I understand this agreement. I agree to be bound by it.

Informed consent

We love animals with all our hearts and are committed to training force-free maximizing fun and playful techniques. We emphasize fun and joy in our training and work to minimize stress as much as possible.

We base our training methods on scientifically proven methods that are animal-friendly. If there should be a conflict between what is animal-friendly and what the animal's parent desires, we will side with what is animal-friendly.

We work to get animals out of crates so that they may move freely and safely coexist with humans.

There is overwhelming scientific evidence that positive reinforcement is the best way to train animals. We are committed to using at most a mild aversive only as a last resort. Shock collars, prong collars or choke chains are never used. We do not advocate physical corrections, throwing things at or near the animal or spraying liquid in an animal's face.

We foster our continuing education and all consistently work to continue our education. All staff are certified and where they are not, they work under the supervision of a certified trainer while they are pursing certification.

We educate humans to employ patience and to seek to understand animal's needs and wants.

We coach people to communicate consistently and clearly with their animals.

We work within our level of competence. We do not give advice on anything that is outside of our area of expertise. We refer clients to competent professionals for issues that are outside of our area of expertise.

We keep client information confidential sharing client info ONLY with staff and those in a position of supervision, with the exception of neglect or abuse of an animal or if the animal is dangerous.

Clients should know they are empowered to decline any recommendations that we make for them or their dogs. We encourage clients to ask questions.

The successes of training strongly depends on three factors: an owner's willingness to heed the advice of the trainer (the professional), proper reinforcement at home and maintaining an open line of communication with the trainer. Cooperation from all parties is key to the learning process and to rehabilitation. This includes not mixing other training methods during your time of training with Access To Service Corp. We are fear free, compulsion free and positive reinforcement based trainers and any deviation from that will ruin the gains made here. Not doing your homework at least 5 minutes a day will prevent your dog from learning also. An hour long session once a week cannot teach a dog what it needs to know. YOU MUST be involved on a daily basis.

All uploaded photos and videos become the property of Access To Service but shall be available upon request to clients. These photos and videos will only be used for promotional purposes.


We believe it is unethical to make guarantees about behavior results. We pledge to refrain from giving guarantees regarding the outcome of training. Instead of guaranteeing specific behavior results, we promise to work with you and your dog to achieve a better relationship.

Access To Service Corp DOES guarantee you will receive:

Stellar customer service

Trained, expert staff who is committed to ongoing continuing education

Commitment to positive reinforcement training methods

A commitment to help clients seek relief, change, and improvement

We are committed to excellence, and that you can count on.

It is unethical for trainers to guarantee changed behavior results. This is due to the variables in dog breeding and temperament, owner commitment and experience, the dog's future life experiences, etc. You know this to be true when you consider that human behavior cannot be guaranteed, let alone a dog's behavior. Dogs are independent beings that we cannot sit down with and verbally convince them to comply with our instructions. It doesn't matter if that session is one hour or 10 hours long. One session is not going to change behavior patterns in either the dog or you. You must understand that when it concerns behavior, it's up to you to change and learn so that your dog can change and learn. No trainer anywhere can guarantee you and the dog.

Your dog's success is dependent on YOU doing your homework. 


All rights reserved. No part of this Academy may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, including photocopying, recording, or other electronic or mechanical methods, without the prior written permission of Access To Service Corp, except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical reviews and certain other noncommercial uses permitted by copyright law.

Please report any that you find by emailing Jamie at with the name of the game or lecture you feel is in violation.

The doctrine of fair use. This allows others to use portions of copyrighted works for purposes such as reviews, commentary, news and scholarship.


Some Conditions Our 

Clients Have Trained For


  • Blood Sugar Alert and Management
  • Wound Detection and Alert


  • Alert
  • Support
  • Assistance

Anxiety Disorders

  • PTSD
  • Panic Disorders

Dangerous Diseases Early Detection

  • Cancer
  • Parkinson's
  • Alzheimers
  • Kidney Disease
  • Valley Fever

Heart Conditions

  • Blood Pressure
  • Dysautonomia
  • Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)
  • Orthostatic Intolerance
  • Neurocardiogenic Syncope (NCS) 


  • Narcolepsy/Cataplexy
  • Migraines
  • Chronic Pain
  • Allergies
  • Mast Cell Diseases